Be Bullet (GMTK Jam 2019)
Fire yourself towards robots to make them explode. Robots will chase you down once you've been spotted.
Kill as many robots as possible before they take you out.

Turn shoot direction:
     Left & Right arrow or A & D keys.
     Hold shift to fine-tune.
     Space bar.

Game Jam Info:
This is an entry to Game Makers Toolkit Jam 2019. 
Theme: "Only one"
You only have one bullet, you.
There is also only one enemy type and one level. But that is more due to time constraints.

Made withUnity
Tags3D, Robots, Voxel


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As Noobcore said mosue aim maybe would've been better. Esspecically with the HTML build which laggs on my part. I'd actually have preferred a windows build in this case.

Really well executed though. It was fun to play, even with the lagg.


Could've benefitted a lot from mouse aim. But it's a fun and entertaining game.

I felt mouse aim made it too easy. So I wanted to try something different. It's your decision whether or not I succeeded ;)
Thanks !



Thanks !